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The Portrait Gallery
Here you will find examples of the commissioned pieces that I have created for my clients.

The images on the left represent the original photograph that I worked from, the images to the right show the completed work.
Keegan & Day
Minneapolis House
Customer Comment ...................
"The painting is beyond any expectations I might ever have had................
Again - the painting is wonderful, I showed the photograph you sent to several freinds - who, at first, wondered what kind of camera - or processing, I had used to take a picture of the house."
Amelia & Erica
Amelia and Erica are fraternal twin sisters

This is Amelia .....
..... and this is Erica
Frank's Garden
The client wanted Keegan in a black shirt & pony tail instead of the blue jacket - so I modified the picture
Customer Comment .....
"I'm sorry, I thought I wrote and told you how surprised he was, and happy with it at the same time. He hung it on the wall next to his side of the bed. Everyone that sees it loves it. I'm very happy with it."
And last, but not least......