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What's New
Summer Art Fair Schedule 
The schedule for 2016 is all set.  Please check the Schedule page for the latest info. 
Gallery Affiliation
Paula is now affiliatied with The Next Picture Show, 113 W First Street, Dixon Illinois.  
Prints Are now available!
The Watchin' TV painting is now available as a print, and can be viewed in the Prints Gallery. Please check back soon for additional print availability, or provide Paula feedback on which Gallery painting(s) you would like to be available as prints.

Web Site Changes

The site has been re-designed to enhance its appearance.  Please let us know what you think.
Please visit the Still Life and Landscapes Galleries to view their latest additions.  We continue to work to get even more paintings and prints ready for the Galleries. These should be appearing very soon. Thank you for your patience! 
The summer Art Fair schedule has been completed.